We have found that GenTec make our recruitment process much easier to manage. We especially like the way that candidates are thoroughly checked before being submitted for the role. This means we receive a small number of CVs and we know that each candidate is of the highest quality and we can confidently proceed to the interview stage. GenTec have provided us with contract and permanent staff and we have always been totally happy with the quality of candidates and overall service.
Keeler Ophthalmic Instruments

GenTec have proven time and time again that their knowledge and understanding of recruitment and engineering enables them to successfully provide solutions to our staffing requirements. Our requirements are often extremely urgent and are always very specific. GenTec are always able to deliver quality candidates that match our technical requirements and our timescales. GenTec have taken the trouble of making sure they fully understand our needs and provide relevant engineers without the overhead of me having to sort through multiple CV’s, saving valuable time and effort.
Crowcon Detection Instruments